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Sprinkler Services                                            

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Sprinkler System 

Estimates for sprinkler installations & major system upgrades! Call us to schedule an on-site appointment at your convenience!


Need a sprinkler system? You’ve come to the right place. We are licensed sprinkler contractors that will ensure your system will meet your city’s specific requirements. We take care of any permits, inspections and utility markings that are needed. We understand how important it is have a water saving efficient system that will conserve water. We install professional series RainBird sprinkler systems. 

Spring Start Ups
System Repairs 

Have one of our well trained sprinkler technicians come start up your system and make any adjustments needed to keep your sprinklers running efficiently. We'll activate your sprinkler system, adjust heads for proper coverage, program your sprinkler timer for your correct watering days and check for any necessary repairs.

Having trouble with your sprinklers? Want to replace those old heads with something more efficient? Give us a call and we’ll send a top notch technician to your home that will perform any repairs necessary.

Existing System Upgrades
Winterization (Sprinkler Blow-out)

Make sure that your sprinkler system can withstand those Colorado winters by having us perform a winterization this fall. This process ensures that all water is removed from your system to prevent any freeze damage to your sprinklers. Our winterization process includes completely blowing out your sprinkler lines as well as draining your copper tubing from your supply.


Your existing sprinkler system can be redesigned and upgraded with professional quality water-efficient irrigation heads that have built-in check valves. They prevent the water from running down the sidewalk after the system shuts down.  Automatic rain sensors  can also be installed to shut the system off when it's raining. We understand the importance of having the latest up to date water efficient sprinkler products.


Some metro area cities offer rebates to upgrade to water saving sprinkler products. Check your city and or water departments website for further details.

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